Venzy Tea’s x Boost RM5 Voucher Giveaway

📣📣 叮咚!您有一份优惠卷请签收! 2020年第一份Venzy Tea优惠卷竟然是与当红的 E-wallet APP, Boost 合作啦~
📍 **但是!只限5000张,所以先到先得!😍

📍 想要得到这些优惠卷,就记得留意看看四周围的帅哥美女promoter,然后赶紧向他们索取吧!拿到优惠卷后,下一步干嘛馁?当然是马上奔向Venzy Tea的门店 (Outlets) Redeem啦!

📍 这优惠卷到底有什么好康呢?我听说,凡消费RM20以上会有RM5的Cashback. 不过,当然是只限Boost APP的用户而已。不是Boost APP的用户?没事不要灰心,立刻马上去Register就可以了啊! 😀 你也可以选择赠送给你的亲朋戚友(Boost的会员)呀~



📣📣Ding~Dong! Dear beloved users, you have received a voucher, and it is ready to be redeemed! 😍

Venzy Tea’s first voucher are ready to be claimed!! Guess what? We are collaborating with the famous E-Waller APP, Boost, to giveaway these vouchers~ Hoorayyy!
📍 **BUT! Limited to 5000 vouchers ONLY! So, first come first serve!

📍 Interested?? Do pay attention to your surroundings and see whether there are pretty or handsome promoters giving away the vouchers! If you’ve seen them, just go and grab one voucher from them! What to do next after you have the voucher? Of course, Fly to any outlets of Venzy Tea to redeem the valued deals!

📍 What’s so “value” about this voucher? I heard that there’s CASHBACK! CASHBACK! CASHBACK! Any purchases over RM20, you will get a RM5 Cashback! But of course, it is only applicable to Boost users. If you are not a Boost user, don’t cry. NO WORRIES! Just straightaway register to be a Boost user to redeem the voucher! 😀 You can choose to give your friend who are Boost Users as well: p!

So, what are you still waiting for? Quick, quick, quick! Grab the “Ang Ang” voucher! Venzy Tea x Boost wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year! Ang Ang Huat Huat!

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